Vine Server and Code Signing

Does Vine Server write to its own bundle?


If so, that would explain the behavior that I am having. I have the Firewall in 10.5 set to only allow specified applications. So, after every launch of Vine Server, I am presented with the same Allow/Disallow window every single time.

Usually, this behavior is caused by applications that write to their own bundles instead of writing to a /Library/Appications Support/APPNAME folder.

Is this the case with Vine Server? If so, is there an ETA for when a fix will be posted?

In the default configuration, no Vine Server shouldn’t write inside it’s own application folder. With sym-linking or manually overriding some dwrites and changing the application permissions you could create that situation.

codesign -vvv /Applications/Vine\ 
/Applications/Vine a sealed resource is missing or invalid 
/Applications/Vine resource modified

What steps would you take to fix this situation?