Vine Server 4.0 beta in Lion: problems

I have been running the beta in Lion and it works, but not without some annoying problems:
[]When trying to connect with SSVNC from within Linux, it will very often refuse with the error message “Unknown message type 131 from VNC server”. If I restart the server the first connection will always work, the second one most often not. If I keep trying again and again, it will eventually connect, but it can take ten attempts.
]In some specific programs, pressing certain keys like ‘r’ or ‘i’ will have the same effect as pressing Command-r or Command-i. This happens for instance in the Spotlight search box. I’ve had this also when using the horrible built-in VNC server in Lion, so it may be due to something else though…
[*]The cursor is jittery. It does not move around smoothly but often jumps back to a previous location.[/list:u]

Yes, you are not alone in having these symptoms. There are also serious problems with repeated connections from Windows clients. Once error happens, only way to allow them in is to bounce VNC sever. Big bug.

Well, after seeing a reference to the new multi-user features of built-in Mac OS X screen sharing in 10.7 – which had major bugs in earlier releases – I decided to give it a try in our 10.7.3 environment. OMG! Stunning. I’m not sure what the value add for Vine will be in a 10.7.x world, but for our needs we’ve now gone directly to screen sharing and aren’t looking back.

I am now using the official 4.0 release in Lion and it has greatly improved:
[]The 131 error now only occurs once. In other words, if I close the viewer window the next connect will fail, but the attempt after that will succeed. Still not ideal but better than having to manually kill the server or retrying 10 times.
]The “r and i keys behaving like command-r and command-i” problem is still there, it only seems to start after a while or after a reconnect. In spotlight I can work around it by typing R and I instead.
[]The jittery cursor is gone.
]The sticky modifier keys are gone. This is a huge relief, I think I was about to eat my keyboard due to this. Just imagine someone sitting behind you with an extra keyboard while you type, randomly holding down the command, shift, and/or option keys.