vine server 4.0 beta - can't vnc to lion from pc (screen)

I -want- to vnc to my lion-running mac from a win 7 pc. I connect with realvnc, but get a messed up screen. jpeg attached. Have tried various combos of options, other vnc viewers.

At least I can connect with vine server 4 on mac. Using lion screen sharing, I just get the gray login screen but can’t type anything into it.

I guess you can vnc to lion’s screen sharing if you log out of lion first. Wow. Quite useful!

Thanks for any help.

I have the same issue with similar garbled screen (but the built-in screen sharing works fine for me). I have same results with realvnc, tightvnc and ultravnc clients.
Anyone have any update?

I have the same problem. There must be some workaround. Anybody?
I’ve tried various VNC clients connecting from Lion to VineServer running on Lion.