Vine Server 4.0 Beta and reverse connections...

Hi all,

I use Vine Server extensively for remote support for Mac users out in the field. They install Vine Server, and make a reverse connection to me and my listening viewer (TightVNC viewer in listen mode on a PC). They don’t have to do any router config on their end, port 5500 is forwarded in my router to my machine, and all has worked well in the past.

Enter Lion.

Vine Server 3.x no longer functions, as we know. I’ve been trying the 4.0 beta, and it works on both Lion and Snow Leopard if I specify the remote viewer by IP, but not by name. If I use a DNS name, it says connect invitation was sent, but it never connects.

Thanks for your help with this - looking forward to 4.0 release. And thanks for Vine Server. It makes remote support a breeze and I really appreciate it.

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I’m having the same issue. If I specify by static IP, it works great. But it doesn’t seem to resolve domain names.

bumping this, as I can report that it is still an issue in 4.01.