Vine Server 2.1 app only starts once [macmini PPC]

I wonder if anyone can please point me in the right direction with this rather odd problem:

Vine server 2.1 application after installing only starts once - 2nd time when I attempt to launch it Vine Server dock icon jumps up and down for a while, but the VNC application does not start - so I can only use “Force Quit”. Under Activity Monitor I can see that “OSX-VNC server” process launches, and after Force Quit Vine Server app it terminates. If I re-install Vine Server by replacing the installed copy, it launches perfectly OK but only once, and then after normal Quit I can no longer launch it again.

[Mac mini PPC 1.42GHz, 1GB memory, running OSX 10.4.8, the latest software updates installed, other software OK]

This problem is almost always caused by corruption due to an APE “Haxy” by Most people are able to prevent this corruption by marking the Vine Server application to be ignored by APE and re-installed Vine Server. A few people have needed to completely remove APE to prevent this corruption.

Another solution seems to be to make the Vine Server not-writable by any user (including the owner).