Vine 3.1 Beta -- Snow Leopard Compatible

We have posted a public beta version of Vine Viewer 3.1 with Snow Leopard Compatibility (and a host of other bug fixes).

Vine 3.1 Beta (Viewer and Server)

Included in this package is also a beta release of Vine Server 3.11 that also has some minor bug fixes, it should also work fine on Snow Leopard.

Please feel free to download and test the Beta versions and post your comments here.

After upgrading to 10.6, Eggplant Green has the same problems that were reported againt Vine (no refresh after the initial display). Is there a fix forthcoming for Eggplant, or a way to have Eggplant somehow leverage an updated Vine beta download?



Unfortunately Beta 3.1 of the viewer has still the same problems with UltraVNC SC as 3.0. For reference see:

For anyone else who didn’t get the memo, according to a Tech Bulletin the folks at TestPlant just forwarded, Snow Leopard support is due in v10 in October.

We have released Vine Viewer 3.1 with 10.6 support

Will Vine Viewer work on MacOS?
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Yes Vine Viewer is a VNC Viewer for Mac OS X that will see/control the screen of any VNC server (on any platform) that it connects to.

I have some linux boxes running SuSE linux which uses the Xvnc server. Just to check, I updated all the software this pm, having just bought VNC Viewer.

The server is accessed through an open firewall port with no security - the user is required to log on when the VNC window appears. I can access this server from anything else except my iMac with ease - almost instantaneously.

I set up the necessary info to connect (IP address, port 5901, no security). My LAN is run over Ethernet from my OS X 10.6.4 iMac - one of the linux boxes provides a net firewall and server.

When I ‘check availability’ a blue spot appears on the connection list. When I connect the spot goes to the ‘half connected green/orange’ state; after some few seconds VNC Viewer reports ‘Timed out’. No number of attempts to connect receives anything other than this response. Attempts from other viewer software succeed within a second of requesting the connection.