Vine 3.1 and Japanese Keyboard

I am connected to Debian Linux with Vine Viewer 3.1, but a mysterious phenomenon comes out and is troubled.

It is displayed with a,s,d,f,g when I input it into a keyboard with a,b,c,d,e.

When I used Vine Viewer 3.0, such phenomenon was not caused.

In addition, I use it in Japanese environment.

That’s pretty strange – we didn’t actually make any changes to the key sending interface and it’s pretty straightforward. We send the Unicode value, the server is expected to type it.

What VNC server are you connecting to and do any other VNC viewers seem to have a problem with that server?

It was the trouble that happened because vncserver of Debian was an old version.
When I stood and put up vnc4server and was connected, it moved without a problem.
Thank you.