Vine 3.0 server fails to start upon app startup

I like to run the app server on display 1 while the system server runs on display 0. To achieve this I have enabled the system server on display 0 and have set the Vine Server to start the server upon application launch using display 1 (under Preferences:Connection I have selected “Display Number” 1 (Port 5901) and under Preferences:Startup I have checked the box for “Start server when Vine Server application is launched”). Vine Server is set to launch upon login. The system server is working fine on display 0, but–and this is why I’m writing–the server application is failing to start its server automatically on display 1; although it launches upon login, I have to start the server manually by clicking the “start server” button. After that, it works fine. This would seem to be a bug.

I can’t be positive but I think you are running into a know bug when setting the application server to be launched on Login AND hidden (in your account preferences).

This is a known bug that is addressed, but for now the work around is to NOT have the application Hidden when auto-launched.

Thank you. I did, indeed, have the server app set to be hidden upon startup. I trust this will fix the problem.