Viewer to RealVnc-Personal 3.3 security failure

I just bought Viewer and have RealVNC-personal insatlled on my mom’s computer. When I try to access her over Internet, I get this error

Connection Failed: Authentication Failure - No configured security type
is supported by 3.3 viewer.

when she ran the free version of RealVNC, I could easily connect. What does this error mean and what therefore do I need to change in Vine-Viewer?


Unfortunately RealVNC has chosen to use a proprietary and undocumented authentication scheme for their Personal Edition. If they choose to publish a specificiation we will gladly adopt their authentication scheme for a subsequent release of Vine Viewer.

The Free Edition is secure in terms of preventing unauthorized access. If you need greater security (encryption of the stream) then we recommend setting up an SSH server on the machine you want to connect to and using Vine’s SSH encryption.


I bought both because Vine worked with the trial version I was using … and thought it was trial of the Personal Edition.[/quote]