Viewer command line options

I have registered for a trial license because I’m looking for a vnc viewer that can be started from the command line and passed the address to connect to.

I have a cross platform GUI application designed to read from a database of available workstations and allow one-click access to them. The Windows and Linux versions call the appropriate viewer on the command line and pass it the address, such as:

vncviewer.exe targetip:5900

I haven’t been able to find a Mac equivalent program yet that can be started this way. Naturally, the command line options don’t have to be the same as the other platforms, but it has to have some way of being kicked off by calling an executable program and passing it the target IP and port number.

I have not been able to find any mention of this in the forum of documentation for the Vine viewer. Is it possible?

You should be able to use Apple’s inherent preferences system to get a connection when launched from the command line.

First you need to setup a connection

defaults write com.redstonesoftware.Vine knownVNCList -array '{serverID="";Reconnect="1";temporary="1";}'

Then you launch Vine Viewer

/Applications/Vine\\ Viewer 

This is a workable solution. Thanks a lot.

The only missing piece is the password. I see the format should be:

“pass_code” =“AbCdE”;

  1. The machine I am trying to test with has a single quote as the last character of the stored password, such as “AbCdE’”. I have tried escaping it several ways when issuing the defaults write command, but haven’t stumbled across any way to do it successfully.

  2. When I know my plain text password is “mypassword”, how can I best determine what the pass_code line should be set to?