Viewer caching IP address-incorrect behavior

I’ve got several servers defined as host names (, but Viewer, once I’ve connected to the host or has done an availability status check, caches the IP that the host resolved to at them moment.

Where this is an issue is then I’m on an internal network, the host, using the local DNS, resolves to a private IP (like, but then, when I’m outside the network and the host should resolve to the public IP of that host, it doesn’t, as the Viewer app has cached the address, presumably to deal with the Connection Availability status display.

As far as I’m concerned, this is not proper behavior-the host should be resolved each time the Connection Availability is polled. Yes, I understand that for a long host list this would incur a large number of lookups and the subsequent network traffic and delays might not be welcome. However, that is better than the only workaround that I’ve found.

I’ve not found an acceptable workaround other than editing an entry and retyping the host name.

Even turning off the availability update (ie setting to Manual in preferences) hasn’t resolved the problem.

I’m currently using the latest release version, 3.1, running on Mac OS X 10.6.6. Note that this behavior has been present in Mac OS X 10.5.x as well (I just didn’t use Vine Viewer as my primary VNC client).



Another easy workaround is to create 2 different connections in your connection list. Create one with the internal IP address and one with the external IP address. Set up your scripts to try each of them until one works.