Viewer 3 and SLES 10

I can’t get the viewer to connect to a SuSE Linux display. UltraVNC works fine on Windowsto connect to it, as does JollyFastVNC, but when I try Vine, I get “No authentication needed” and then after a while I get “Failed to Connect Operation timed out.” I am using port 5901 and that port is open on the SuSE machine. How can I troubleshoot this problem? TIA.

The message “No authentication Needed” definitely means that you have made a network connection to a VNC server (and one that doesn’t require a password). Usually by this point you are home free but clearly something is getting in the way.

Please post any Vine Viewer output from your Console log. You can access this by running /Applications/Utilities/

Here it is:

3/27/09 3:47:41 PM Vine Viewer[9964] Approved License: Name = my-email-address, Remark = , Serial = 910, Users = 1
Vine Viewer (3.0) running in FULL mode on Host:5bf1c2de.

There is nothing else in the console view. I checked back to previous invocations of the viewer and saw the same thing. Thx.

This is very interesting. I received a lot of support to get on these forums, but now no support in using the product. It would have been nice if I had been provided information saying if I wanted to use the viewer against Linux, I should go elsewhere, because that combination was not supported in any way.


There should be no inherent problem running against a Linux VNC, in fact, we are in the process of releasing one of our other products on Linux and have customers who use our product with Linux VNC servers. I’m sorry you have not received a response, but our resident VNC expert (and Vine developer) is on vacation and no one else received notification that you had posted again (just the way the forum software works – once a thread has been responded to, only people who have posted to it get notifications.) Unfortunately, I don’t have any good suggestions for you right now; we may have some other suggestions for you next week.

Terry - that sounds a bit crass. If the dashboard in your Mars spaceship runs VNC, you can likely test it in Eggplant. To expect TestPlant to test every possible VNC server on every possible platform is a bit over the top, and besides, it’s likely some setting you need to correctly set to make it work. Give it a bit more effort and I’ll bet you can make it work.


Terry – unfortunately Vine isn’t logging any problems and so it’s most likely some sort of network problem; below the Vine connection layer. You might try disabling some of the VNC option under Preferences.

You might also see if connecting in a different way (maybe on the same subnet as the machine) helps identify your problem.