Verifying test results

I’m trying to develop a way to verify whether my automated tests were executed successfully or not. In particular, I have a test case that checks in a document, increasing its version number. I need a way to determine the version number of the document before the test, and then determining the version number after the test, and comparing the two. Since Eggplant works by image capture, is there a way to apply OCR to the image to extract the value of text contained within?

Hello, Derrick:

Eggplant can’t at this time read text directly from an image, but there is a way of getting some types of text from dthe remote system. If you can set up your script to select the text that you are interested in on the remote system and copy it to the clipboard, then you can bring it into Eggplant with a command like this one:

put remoteClipboard() into myText

Of course, not all text can be copied to the clipboard. If this is the case with the text you need to examine, you might try just capturing the screen – or a specific portion of it – and then verifying visually whether the appropriate change has been made. You can capture the whole screen with this command:

CaptureScreen "VerifyVersion" -- the image name is optional

Or you can capture a specific rectangle of the screen like this:

CaptureScreen "VerifyVersion", ( 100, 100, 300, 200 )

where the second parameter is a rectangle of the form ( x1, y1, x2, y2 ). See pages 126-127 of the Eggplant reference for complete details on using the CaptureScreen command.