Verfying entire page


Verification Issue

[i]1.I have 20 Questions in my web page which does not contain any link web page containing questions.

2.Well in need to verify all Questions are displaying or not, as the page contains 20 questions how can i verify.[/i]

If You can give me solution the it will be great for me.

How much do you need to verify? Do you need to verify the text of the questions? Could you just verify the numbers 1-20? The recommended approach really depends on exactly what you want to do.

One possibility is select either the entire page or each individual question and copy the text to the clipboard. Then use the remoteClipboard() function to bring the text into your script and compare it to known values.

fine i tried to use clipboard, its is not working, i need calification
i am using mac eggplant can u please provide with a small example.
copy form one page
copy form another page

comparison give me small sample codeā€¦