Verbose eggplant application logging


Is there any mechanism to enable a verbose logging of eggplant to capture otherwise hidden issues?

We have a script that has started to hang during execution (for up to 4 hours) and then resume. I have no idea what it is doing in this four hours - CPU is 0 and memory drops below 8MB usage for the process.

I have logging in place to see when sections of the script are hit and i can see that the call is made to ReadText and it never returns.
This is inconsistent though - the same set of fucntions are called in different places but they behave as expected on previous calls. The following is an excerpt from the run log, i have sanitised file paths only:

|2022-09-29 04:14:54.531 +0100|click||at (161, 73)|2|function_clickandmove|
|2022-09-29 04:14:55.250 +0100|moveto||at (474, 10)|3|function_clickandmove|
**|2022-09-29 04:14:56.547 +0100|readtext||(10,689,1020,723)|11|function_gettext|**
**|2022-09-29 04:14:56.672 +0100|Log||Found text 'k i\t■■\nCl mn r\r nnmrr r~\r~MTA i on ArTirr mn /~xi iri iaji'|27|function_gettext**
|2022-09-29 04:14:56.688 +0100|LogWarning||Save failed - k i\t■■\nCl mn r\r nnmrr r~\r~MTA i on ArTirr mn /~xi iri iaji|59|function_save|
|2022-09-29 04:14:56.704 +0100|Log||GetLocationFromImageOffset running as mode  4|35|function_getlocationfromimageoffset|
|2022-09-29 04:14:56.719 +0100|Log||Search for image in fullscreen|99|function_getlocationfromimageoffset|
|2022-09-29 04:14:57.360 +0100|imagelocation|Btn_Mnu_Save_Enabled3.png|at (160, 72)|100|function_getlocationfromimageoffset|
|2022-09-29 04:14:57.376 +0100|LogSuccess||Image found on try  0|127|function_getlocationfromimageoffset|
|2022-09-29 04:14:59.614 +0100|capturescreen|SC_0041_Save.png||11|on_mycapturescreen|
|2022-09-29 04:14:59.711 +0100|capturescreen|SC_0042_Incident_count.png||11|on_mycapturescreen|
|2022-09-29 04:15:00.227 +0100|Log||GetLocationFromImageOffset running as mode  4|35|function_getlocationfromimageoffset|
|2022-09-29 04:15:00.242 +0100|Log||Search for image in fullscreen|99|function_getlocationfromimageoffset|
|2022-09-29 04:15:00.865 +0100|imagelocation|Btn_Mnu_Save_Enabled3.png|at (160, 72)|100|function_getlocationfromimageoffset|
|2022-09-29 04:15:00.871 +0100|LogSuccess||Image found on try  0|127|function_getlocationfromimageoffset|
|2022-09-29 04:15:01.012 +0100|click||at (161, 73)|2|function_clickandmove|
|2022-09-29 04:15:01.730 +0100|moveto||at (474, 10)|3|function_clickandmove|
**|2022-09-29 04:15:03.043 +0100|readtext||(10,689,1020,723)|11|function_gettext|**
**|2022-09-29 08:00:00.937 +0100|Log||Found text 'k i\t■■\nCl mn r\r nnmrr r~\r~MTA i on ArTirr mn /~xi iri iaji'|27|function_gettext|**
|2022-09-29 08:00:00.953 +0100|LogWarning||Save failed - k i\t■■\nCl mn r\r nnmrr r~\r~MTA i on ArTirr mn /~xi iri iaji|59|function_save|

The 4 lines in bold highlight 2 cycles of the same code, the 1st pair completing in under a second, the 2nd hung until 8am.

Any advice?

Please note, the text that was read is valid (there were probably images in that location) and the “save fail” is also fine, that is just part of my feedback into the log so we can see the path of execution.


To add to this, this is a shot of task manager process when EPF “hangs”:


The more normal mid-run memory allocation is closer to 300MB,

It is almost as if something in the execution engine has errored and it has shut itself down, but handled to the point of saving the process from getting killed.

EPF is launched via a windows schedule and as such is running “headless”, so i cant provide screen caps of the code execution window.

Looking in the EPF application log, there are no listed errors, that i can detect.

Another point ot note is that i have now seen this occurr in different areas of my scripts, indicating that the issue is more engine-related than script error…

Hi Paul,

Have you submitted this issue to support? Please do if you have not done so already.