using vine server with ssh required


New to using VNC.

I installed Vine server (3.0) on a Mac running 10.4. I want to require SSH. I set up the services and firewall preferences as described in the manual. It will not work with SSH. Works fine (initial test) with SSH not checked. Can mount desktop remotely from another mac and from a pc. When require SSH is check the server will not work. You can tell right away as the IP is not “green”. Any ideas?



The fact that the Vine detection algorithm (name colorizing) doesn’t use SSH is a small bug, but in and of itself that doesn’t prevent you from connecting with SSH.

SSH connections either require a viewer which supports it (like Vine Viewer) or that you create the SSH tunnel yourself. What viewer are you using?

Used chicken of the VNC on the Mac used Tight on the PC.

Not sure how to create the SSH tunnel. Is this a selection when using Vine Viewer? What is the procedure for other apps?

Thanks for the help!


In Vine Viewer you simply check the “Connect Securely (SSH)” checkbox and then provide a login user and password.

The process with other VNC viewers revolves around creating an SSH tunnel using an SSH client (like PuTTY).

We have just posted a procedure for Windows here:

Thanks. That is very helpful. I’ll have to look into the mac procedure. I’ll check out Vine Viewer too.


To clarify a point, do I understand correctly that by using Vine Server, and Vine Viewer with SSH connection enabled, it is not necessary to use another method to create an SSH tunnel?

Thank you, Chris

That is correct, Vine will create the tunnel for you.

(You do need to make sure you have “Remote Login”(SSH) enabled in System Preferences on the server machine as detailed in the Vine Server documentation).

Herr Auberlord,



I am having trouble with SSH connection to one of my macs. I have two nearly identical machines set up with the vine viewer and server combo. One is working fine, the other is not. The one that is not is apparently having the ssh connection denied at the ‘system’ level. The vine server log does not show any activity after a failed login, just the console log.

The machine that is not working correctly is one on which I initially set up an ssh tunnel using third party software with a key and all that jazz. Could that have anything to do with the trouble I am having?

I apologize for my ignorance, but I’m a novice here.


For debugging SSH connections you can just go to a terminal and test using


and then enter your password. If that’s not working it should give an indication as to why.

OK, I have it working again. Apparently, this situation was fixed by a restart of the server itself, and not just the Vine Server software.

Thank you, Chris