Using real images

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Is there anyway that I could rename real images that using by the web page to .tiff image and using them as target to click

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Yes, you can use the existing images from a Web site. But you need to do more than just rename them with a .tiff extension – you will need to actually convert them to TIFF files (make sure you work with copies of the files). You can do this using the program GraphicConverter – an evaluation copy ships on every Mac. If you are starting with GIF files, you should be able to convert them directly to TIFFs. If you are starting with JPEGs, you may need to convert them to GIFs and then convert those to TIFFs. Put the converted files into the Images directory of your Eggplant Suite.

When creating your script, if you want to step through the process and generate the script as you usually would, you can put Eggplant in Capture Mode just as you normally would. Then if you want to click, for example, on one of your existing images, hold down the Option key and click the “Click” toolbar item. A file selection sheet will then appear, allowing you to select one of your converted images. As usual, the script code will be generated and the action will occur on the remote system.