Using ReadText Function

Hi All,

I would like to know how to use the ReadText Function. I was trying to use that function, but I feel like I don’t understand very well.
Thank you

Hello Nitar,

The ReadText() function uses OCR to interpret the characters that are within a particular SearchRectangle that you specify when you use the function. The SearchRectangle can be based on images or on screen coordinates, or a combination of both.

Because reading text requires the use of a function, you must pair the ReadText() function with a Command, such as “Put” or “Log”, so that eggPlant knows what to do with the text output once it is read.

For example, you can:

Put ReadText(“UpperLeft”,“LowerRight”) into ReadOutput – puts the output into a variable
Log ReadOutput – logs the content of the variable

This post from our Blog further explains the use of SearchRectangles with OCR:

Here is the link to the ReadText() function from the eP documentation for more information:

Thank you :smiley: