Using parameters in the Schedules window

Hi everyone,
I try to call a script from the Schedules window providing parameters to the script.

Script Sandbox content:
params param1, param2, param3

Log param1
Log param2
Log param3

I call it from a second script like this:
Sandbox {param1:[“List”, “of”, “Parameters”], param2:23, param3:“Another Parameter”} by name

The result is as I expected it:
8/29/23, 5:23:04 PM START Running Selection from Sandbox1.script
8/29/23, 5:23:05 PM Log [“List”,“of”,“Parameters”]
8/29/23, 5:23:05 PM Log 23
8/29/23, 5:23:05 PM Log Another Parameter
Selection Executed in 0:00:00

How do I call it from the Schedules window and how can I provide parameters?
At the moment all parameters are empty

I use Eggplant Functional 22.3.0 Windows 64
Thanks for the help.

Hi there,

You will want to confirm with your TC, but I am relatively certain that the Parameters box within Schedules is strictly used for API Testing. Running API Tests

Hope this helps,

You can pass parameters to your script from the Parameters box, but it’s limited to very simple values and definitely won’t support parameters “by name”. If you try something simple like 23, hello, 3.5 you should see the values.

Thank you for the clarification.
Is it the same way for Eggplant DAI? I could also use the parameters in the Script Based test.

yes, it is.
Make sure the scripts have the “params” define at the top of the script. Params Definition

Please note that the format is slightly different than ePF or ePM (see below). It will be each parametric value in quotes, separated by commas.