Using File Commands for Scripts Executed on Eggplant Manager

I have created a script that uses file commands (e.g. copy, move, delete) to manipulate files on mapped drives. The script is failing when I it run it via Eggplant Manager. I expect that the failure to find the target files is a result of that drive’s having been mapped incorrectly, either under the wrong user or with the wrong permissions. I am trying to troubleshoot, but I am uncertain what my steps should be.

  • Is there a way of screen capturing the client/agent at runtime instead of screen capturing the SUT?

  • How can I determine definitively what user is associated with the actions on the client/agent? I think that it may be the user associated with the service, but that is an educated guess.


This is almost certainly a security issue. When Eggplant Manager kicks off Eggplant Functional, it does so using a local system administrator account. Most networks block local administrator accounts from accessing network drives for security reasons.

I would try running Eggplant Manager Agent from an AD account.

Open Windows explorer and navigate to the c:\TestPlant\cache folder. Open the em_config.yml file for editing.Make these changes to the file:

  • Set “user_mode_agent” to “true”
  • Set “process_to_start” to “server”
  • Save the file

Then use the TestPlant Start menu to run these options:

  • Stop EggPlant Manager
  • Start EggPlant Manager
  • Start EggPlant Manager (Agent only)

Please note: With the configuration set as above you will always need to manually start the EggPlant Manager (Agent Only) before using eggPlant Manager to run tests.