using eggplant for android

I am completely new to eggplant and my project’s requirement is to automate android applications.

can anyone tell me how to write eggplant script to automate android device key clicks like “home”, “menu”, “back” keys.

or else how to get android’s MenuItems in eggplant script.

thanks in advance.

Which VNC server are you using? If you are using droidVNC, you can see a list of the key mappings here:

So you can use typeText commands with the table in the post above to work with buttons on your andriod device.

In the future, make sure that you send an email to if the request is time-sensitive, or you’d like a faster response.

Hope this helps!


thanks a lot!

Could you provide some examples?

I tried

Typetext commandKey, “home”

to type the home key… and it just typed home…


I got un-lazy and actually looked this up…

Typetext homeKey

Page 105 of the SenseTalk Reference has all the goods.