Using Eggplant Fnctional to drive performance testin

We are looking at utilizing eggplant for performance testing. All we need to do is play our script send mouse and keyboard events through. We want to play the script as fast as possible. We don’t need to do any validation on the eggplant side. Is there a way to optimize eggplant to do this? Is it possible to disable the images coming back, reduce them to 256 color or render only 1 per second.


You can decrease color depth from Eggplant’s connection panel - by editing the connection items details.

If you want to send your Eggplant commands at a faster pace, decrease the remote work interval. This is the time in between consecutive commands that Eggplant will wait before it sends the next command. You can find this setting in Eggplant’s Preferences > Runtime Options > System. You can also set this option within a script. Consult the Eggplant Reference manual appendix D for “the remoteWorkInterval”.

As a word of caution when decreasing Eggplant’s time delays or image search time, you may encounter timing issues where the script will playback faster than the system can respond. But perhaps this is what you want?

Thanks for the quick reply. We’ll give it a go. :slight_smile: