Using Capture Image discrepancy

So basically I am using capturescreen like this.

CaptureScreen(Name: item 1 of params & “Result0” & cnt, rectangle:((item 2 of params),(item 3 of params)), ImageInfo: CaptureInfo)

In the CaptureInfo variable i have the discrepency set to 2 and when it takes a image if the % sign isn’t after the two the discrepency doesn’t work when searching for a image. If I try to add the % in the captureinfo for the discrepency you get a error saying it is not a number.

Is this a known issue and any way to get the discrepancy to work using just a number. From my test the discrepency doesn’t work unless it is like this 2%. just a 2 will not work.

Try setting the discrepancy to .02 (using 2% without quotes around it should be equivalent, but not if you quote it).

Once I removed the quotes it is fine now. I just have a question now though.

So the script is called like this
“Capture Image”.Get (the folder of my folder,(200,200), (500,400),“BackgroundPatternFill” ,“Text”, 2%)

The 2% is the discrepency and works fine if you call the function and have the discrepency set like this .02 or 2% for the last paramater but if I want to make it so I call the script like this with no % sign
“Capture Image”.Get (the folder of my folder,(200,200), (500,400),“BackgroundPatternFill” ,“Text”, 2)

How could I add the % sign in the actual function to the two without getting the error 2% is not a number. Because I add it like this set item 6 of params to item 6 of params & “%” and it causes a error. Is there a way to modify once I pass it in without any problems.

Try this:

set item 6 of params to item 6 of params %

The percent sign is an operator (you can also use “percent” if you prefer) that will treat that number as a percentage.

Thanks that worked.