Using a custom SSH port

Is it posible to use custom SSH port thru vine ?

I have number of machines behind NAT,
so the router is configured to SSH to various machines like:
21022 -> machine1:22
22022 -> machine2:22

I can’t figure out how to set this up in vine

(I got no issues on the command line, but that means first forward the port and then go into vine, it would be nice to do it in the same place)

All of the SSH settings are controlled via an ssh_config file that is inside the Vine bundle. You can modify this file to do things like run on another port for SSH or set-up host specific rules.

When you say “an ssh_config file that is inside the Vine bundle” where exactly is this? I couldn’t find anything in the DMG download and have searched my HD too. I looked in the hidden .ssh folder but nothing there.

Please can you point me to this file. Many thanks.

If you right click on the “Vine” you can choose Show Package Contents. Inside that there is a file at Contents/Resources/ssh_config that can be used to control SSH behavior.

Please read the manual pages (or search online) for help in editing this file.

Thanks a lot.