Using 2 connections with a script


I am new to eggplant and I was wondering if it had the ability to switch between 2 connections. I need this to Automate filling in test results of specific tests into a spreadsheet on another computer. Also carrying a test result as a global variable to the test result script.

and will

set outcome to Empty

clear the/a variable?

I need something like:

(In connection1)

Run "test_abc"
put the result into outcome

(with connection2)

If the status of outcome is "Success" then
run "insert_test_result_abc"

You need the “Connect” command. Check the documentation for the parameters. You can switch between any number of connections within a script using this command.

And yes, setting a variable to empty clears the value stored in it. Note that if you do a “put” on an uninitialized variable, eggPlant will not return nothing, but rather the name of the variable; putting empty into it gives it a value of nothing

put someVar //outputs "someVar"
put "dog" into someVar
put someVar // outputs "dog"
put empty into someVar
put someVar // outputs a blank line