Use"open process" to open a SSH conncetion, how to

Hi everyone,

I want to run a script on SUT within a eggPlant script, I use shell() command to achieve this at first time, no SSH authentication needed:

shell("ssh -l user /home/")

Because my script is a foreground script and will run for a long time, due to this reason shell command won't return except I kill my ruuning script on SUT by force, this is not I want. Then I tried to use "open process":

open process "/usr/bin/ssh#123" with options ("-l user", "")
put the openProcesses()
write "ls -l" to process "/usr/bin/ssh#123"

But nothing happened. As the doc said, I could use “#123” instead of “/usr/bin/ssh#123”, but eggPlant told me I attempted to access an unopened process: #123. I am very confused.

Hope you can help me.