Upgrading to 11.10 using EggPlant.dmg image disk

I am upgrading to version 11.10 on MAC using an EggPlant.dmg image disk and will not install the new version. The reply is that I do not have permission yet I am logged in as an administrator and have the appropriates rights and permissions.

First, you shouldn’t install 11.10 – there were a couple of issues in that release that are resolved in v11.11, which is currently available from our downloads page. The issue you describe is not something in our package – it’s something on the machine that you are installing it on. The only problem like what you describe that I’m aware of is that sometimes the license management process for eggPlant keeps running after the application is shut down; you can stop that by opening a Terminal window and running this command:

killall EggplantLicenseServer

I downloaded the version 11.11 from your download page, burned to a DVD and when I tried to install it I received the following message:
"A newer item named “EggPlant” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the older one you are moving?

I opened the Terminal window and ran the killall EggplantLicenseServer and received the following:
No matching processes belonging to you were found.

After closing the .dmg and terminal window I received the following window:
“GUI license not found”


In response to the “a newer item exists” message, you should say “Yes” or “OK” – there is no newer item than v11.11. This message has nothing to do with the license server process and does not prevent installing the application.

Note that unless you needed to take the installer to a different machine, there is no need to burn the dmg to a DVD – the dmg is a virtual disk image and functions like a DVD.

Neither the dmg nor the Terminal do anything with licenses, so there must have been some other action that you performed. Did you perhaps double click on the eggPlant icon on your DVD? That would launch the eggPlant application, which could produce the license message.

If you need further assistance, please send an email to the support address and tell us what licenses you are using.