Update os server 10.4.11 => bad screen !

Hello folks from France
From my new imac (intel 10.4.10) or old one (PPC G4 10.3.9) the result is the same :
After upgrading the os server to 10.4.11 (intel xserve) the vine viewer screen is completely hatched (like an old tv set) and so useless.
Compatibility problem ?
Annoying problem…

Just tested here, works as expected. Please ensure you have the latest Vine Server 2.2 installed on your two remote systems.


thanks for your help but my config is :

2 imacs clients running Version 1.2 (1.2) of Vine viewer and no change done on those machines,

1 remote system : xserve running previously 10.4.10.
launch software update : itunes + quicktime + os 10.4.11
and then after the bad screen.

here are the last lines of the /private/var/log/osxvnc.log :
2007-11-24 12:23:36.955 OSXvnc-server[246] Protocol version 3.3
2007-11-24 12:23:36.955 OSXvnc-server[246] Ignoring minor version mismatch
2007-11-24 12:23:37.109 OSXvnc-server[246] Pixel format for client xx.xxx.xx.xx:
2007-11-24 12:23:37.109 OSXvnc-server[246] 32 bpp, depth 24, little endian
2007-11-24 12:23:37.109 OSXvnc-server[246] true colour: max r 255 g 255 b 255, shift r 16 g 8 b 0
2007-11-24 12:23:37.109 OSXvnc-server[246] ENCODING: ZlibHextile for client xx.xxx.xx.xx
2007-11-24 12:23:37.109 OSXvnc-server[246] Enabling Cursor Shape protocol extension for client xx.xxx.xx.xx
2007-11-24 12:23:37.109 OSXvnc-server[246] Enabling Cursor Position protocol extension for client xx.xxx.xx.xxx

What is strange is that i did the update on a local ‘intel mac mini running os server 10.4.10’ as test and the screen is ok.
Macmini and xserve are both up to date/apple software update and running vnc server 2.1.

Could you please tell me how to manage an update of the vncserver by the command line ?

I confirm the problem with os update 10.4.11.

The normal boot volume is composed of two disks in Raid 1.
The third disk (spare and backup) is still in 10.4.10.
Restarting on this disk in 10.4.10 : no vnc viewer screen problem.

I reinstall on the Raid from the spare : 10.4.11 + vine server 2.2 but no change !
I notice that the login panel is correct but the desktop/finder is problematic…

ideas and help are welcome.

What clients are you seeing these problems with? In general 10.4.11 is working just fine for us.

Well, that’s not a ‘pure’ problem of 10.4.11 because the same update on my mac mini does well.
Reapplying the update 10.4.10 to 10.4.11 and repair permissions don’t fix it.
Xserve, Raid ?
And why the login panel is ok and not the desktop in the second after ?
Plist to delete ?

Very interesting –

As far as diagnostics have you tried:

1- From the client, changing the color depth (which will force a screen reconfiguration).
2- On the server changing the screen resolution.
( This will be pretty hard through VNC but if you don’t have physical access then get this small utility to change it from command line, you probably need to be root to run it)

Thanks Jonathan ! :smiley:

  1. changing color depth of the client : no change
  2. download displayutil and the last try “displayutil -M” resolved the problem !
    Ouf !

One strange point : the options l (similar with L) gives :
0 1x1 8
0 1x1 16
0 1x1 32
0 800x600 8
0 800x600 16
0 800x600 32
0 1024x768 8
0 1024x768 16
0 1024x768 32
0 1024x768 32

There are 2 lines at 32 bits…:mrgreen:

And you know what ?
When i drag the displays menu in the menu bar, i find 2 lines at millions of color.
If i select the bottom one, it’s ok (as you can see above); if i select the other, i get the bad screen !

My mac mini was in thousands of colors. It also have the same 2 lines.
When i select the “mid 32 bit”, same problem !

Come back to the 10.4.10 (spare disk) : same problem (2 lines).

Conclusion : Not a pb of os version but a xserve problem, i presume.

A little very useful utility " a garder dans sa besace" !

not xserve problem but os server problem, or what ?