Update column values on a csv file

Hi, I need to create a script, it has to read a value from column a1 and will do some math, and it has to update column b1 with the result. how to do this in CSV file. we don’t have access to Excel file in our SUT, so has to do this in CSV.

Col 1 Col2

Database manipulation occurs on the developer machine (Agent) and not on the SUT, so feel free to use Excel-formatted files.
You can find more on them here: Working with Excel as a Database | EPF Docs

Hi yschakri16,
for working with plain text there are 2 useful functions in eggplant . CSVValue() and CSVFormat(). See Data-Driven Testing with Eggplant Functional and
File and Folder Interaction
Thus You may read Your file with
put CSVValue(file “myFile.csv”)