Unlikely but worth a shot.

Is there a way at the start of a script you can create a prompt with check boxes in it?

Im trying to have a master script that runs other scripts and i was the user to be able to just checkoff the scripts he/she desires to run. this way the person that is going to be running the general day to day test does not have to actually edit the script and can do it based on user input.

I have it set up this way for custom logging reasons, as well as custom XML generation.

i was looking through the sense talk reference and i ran into the answer and ask syntax. is this what i am looking for?

I think your best bet is to use the answer file syntax and have them select the script files that they want to run.

Humm how to run the scripts the user selected

i have:

Answer multiple file "Select scripts you wish to run" in folder "MyFolder location"

Put the result into Testlist

repeat with each testscript in Testlist
         RunwithNewResults testscript
         Put the result into Global outcome
end repeat

You have it almost right, but instead of this:

put the result into TestList

you want:

put it into TestList

Should work for you after that.

works like a charm! thanks!

Something that may be of interest:
The XML and Tree functionality of SenseTalk is now available in the latest versions of eggPlant for Windows and Linux, as well as Mac (version 11.2 and later). So go download the latest version and enjoy it!