Unit-Testing using eggPlant

I am evaluating eggPlant 11.2 beta version; trying to see if we can achieve unit-testing with the help of eggPlant. Can we really do it?

If the answer is Yes, I have few doubts.

  1. Do we need to establish a server-client connection? Server being the codebase and client being the system where java scripts are written and eggPlant is installed.
  2. Functions supported by the eggPlant package
    For example, de.xyz package is used to establish a connection. What packages would be used for actual testing, that is assert, assertNull, assertEquals etc.
  3. How to use the scripts to verify the main code?
    normally the main code and their unit test codes are kept on the same system, and within the same projects.


Hi Gitashree.

eggPlant is a black box GUI based testing tool that interacts with your software just like a user does. It won’t do unit testing. However, for functional testing eggPlant should do a great job.

Thanks Max, for the quick response.

I had the doubt in mind coz newer version of eggPlant are coming up with new features (like XML support in this version). So, wanted to get clarification that nothing of that sort in coming in up sooner or later.


View/Hide Line numbering in the script editor would be helpful for sure.
Also column numbering… it can get confusing when you’re in a heavily nested function.