Unable to view the image

Hi ,

I have 10.6.1 MAC OS version and 10.11 eggplant version.

While viewing the failed results,when i double click on the image,the image doesnt open up.Its just a blank screen.

But when i search the image using “finder” and say open with “color sync utility” it does open up the image.

And when i copy the image to some other MAC (version 10.4.11) the image opens up properly(when i say open)

Is there any setting that needs to be done(on 10.6) to view the images??


There was problem in 10.6.1 with the Preview app. You should update your machine to the latest OS version (10.6.4). 10.6.2 might also contain the fix, but I can’t recall for sure.

ohh…Thanks for the info.