Unable to copy files from client to server

A novice user, I can connect successfully via SSH login from my client Mac, using Vine Viewer 3.11, to my server Mac, running Vine Server 3.0 as a system server. I can interact just fine with the server mac, including the following: I can select and copy files on the server (via the server screen’s “Finder\Edit\Copy”) and paste them to the client mac (via the client’s “Finder\Edit\Paste”).

Here’s my problem: I can select and copy a file on the client mac (via the Client mac’s “Finder\Edit\Copy”) but when I attempt to paste that file to the server’s window (via the server’s “Finder\Edit\Paste”) the server window freezes; ie, there’s no response when I click any area on the server screen. Any attempt to “refresh” the server screen fails. The “Connection List” shows that the connection still exists and is in good health. The only way I’ve been able to escape the freeze has been to disconnect, log back in again and not try to copy a file from the client to the server.

I can reproduce the problem regardless of whether the server’s firewall is on or off. The client mac’s firewall has always been off. So this doesn’t seem to be a firewall-based problem.

Q: Does Vine Viewer 3.11 support copy and paste of a file from the client to the server machine?

Q: My client mac has OS X 10.4.11; the server mac has OS X 10.6.4. Do I have to be running 10.6 on my client to obtain copying and pasting from the client to the server mac?

Q: What system services, if any, should be enabled on the client and server machines to enable copy and paste from client to server? On the server mac (only) I have enabled “Screen sharing” and “Remote login”.

Q: What are the Vine Viewer’s Connection\ Copy and Paste items for? Under what circumstances are they enabled? When should they be used? They don’t seem relevant to my problem but I may be totally wrong about that.

What you are doing should be working. But, based on your report, I think that you aren’t actually connecting to Vine Server – I think you might be connecting to Apple’s VNC server.

That is what is enabled when you enable “Screen Sharing” from System Preferences. If you want to work with ONLY vine I recommend disabling that – restarting Vine Server (to make sure it’s on port 5900) and trying again.

Thanks Jonathan,

I’ll try that. I didn’t realize that enabling “Screen sharing” would enable Apple’s VNC server . I had thought that I had managed to persuade the OS not to open/use it.

Disabling “Screen sharing” on the server machine did not resolve the problem.

Perhaps I’m trying to do the impossible. I noticed only today that the System Server Connection Preferences screen displays this statement: “Clipboard sharing is unavailable prior to Mac OS X 10.5”. Perhaps that the answer, given that the the OS on my client machine is 10.4.11 and that the problem only arises when I try to copy from that 10.4 machine to the server (OS 10.6.4).

That note only applies to the System Server that runs across all user sessions.

For 10.4 (or earlier) you need to run a Desktop Server (the launching application) to have clipboard Access.

I “need to run a Desktop Server”? I believe I am already doing that because…
When the remote Mac starts/restarts the Vine System Server starts, using port 5900. In the Administrator-level user account I log in to on that machine, the non-system (desktop) server is set to start, using port 5901, “when Vine Server application is launched” (see Vine Server preferences).

After I’ve gained access to my user account on the remote machine, the Vine Server app in that account indicates that both the “System” server and the other server are running. So don’t I already have what you are asking for?

Q: After I log on to the user account I want to work with (via the remote Logon window), my connection via port 5900 is dropped. I then have to log on again via port 5901 (the desktop server?). Is that ‘normal’? I’ve assumed it was from what I read but perhaps not.