Unable to click a flash image that is expandable


I would appreciate if someone can help me with this situation

I have a flash image. This image expands on mouse over. (Untill here it is fine and Eggplant recognises all actions)

I want to click on the areas both expanded region and region present prior to expansion. Somehow, Eggplant does not perform click operation after expansion. It seems to be performing but the actual action of pop up being generated does not seem to happen.

If the entire area of the expansion is 400x350, If I can click on at specific coordinates mentioned that is fine for me too. But, I do not see any such implementation using Eggplant. Also, I have tried
click FoundImageLocation() but click does not happen even if image location is identified.

Vasavi Kaza

We may need more information to figure out the necessary adjustment to make this work, but you might start by moving the mouse slightly before the second click:

Click "someImage"
MoveTo mouseLocation() + (1,1)

You might also open the Preferences and under Run Options > Mouse, turn off the “Should reposition mouse during image search”.

You can click a coordinate by specifying it as the target of the Click command like this:

Click (400, 350)

Thanks. Problem resolved.

Vasavi Kaza