UltraVNC and XP Correct Settings? Cursor not responding.

I see loads of these posts. I got UltraVNC working on Vista and Win7 and I was going to use it on XP instead of RealVNC… which I always use on XP. I may go back to RealVNC on XP only but before I do… does anyone know any tricks for getting UltraVNC to work on XP?

Specifically, I connect via eggplant and everything is fine then it stops responding… the mouse won’t click… manually… through the remote capture window.


I don’t think it’s a setting issue. And eggPlant doesn’t stop sending mouse events; the server apparently just stops processing them correctly. I’d keep using RealVNC on XP – I only use Tight and Ultra (either works, BTW) when I need a free VNC server for Vista or Win 7.