Typing URL in Browser textbox

I would like to do a simple thing by opening the web browser and type in an URL into the textbox.
I can make eggPlant find the IE/Firefox browser.
However, question is sometimes the first page can be set to some homepage which needs to be deleted first prior to entering the new URL.
How do you capture this and delete it prior to entering new URL.
This picture can be different as someone might set the SUT homepage differently.
I know we can make the requirement to set the first page to blank, however was just wondering if anybody has come across this problem before and might have suggestions.


Hi there are so many answers to this question, so let me give you a few.

The best way to start a web browser and go to a specific web page is by starting the browser through the Run command as in that case you could start it with the url you want to go to.

TypeText WindowsKey, "r"
TypeText "iexplore http:docs.testplant.com", return

as you are starting it with the webpage you want to go to it does not matter what any other user sets for the home page.

Alternatively you could use the open URL shortcut like

TypeText ControlKey, "l"
TypeText "http:docs.testplant.com", return

or you could click in the URL bar based on a fixed icon near it like the reload button or stop loading button.

Click "UrlBarImage"
TypeText Controlkey,"a"
TypeText "http:docs.testplant.com", return

instead of using a click and then selecting the whole text in the URL bar you could do a triple click (this is a function you would have to create or copy from our forum)

TripleClick "UrlBarImage"
TypeText "http:docs.testplant.com", return

I hope these help you in performing the actions you want to do