TypeTexting a variable is adding a "return" on iPh

I’m in a field on an iPhone. If I do this…

TypeText “78976”

All is well, but if I do that with a variable for the same number, which I captured earlier:

TypeText universal capturedActivationCode

It seems to be adding a RETURN after typing in the number and submitting the form.

See what I mean? How do I get it to chill out and not enter that return?

I tried some params. No dice.

set the remoteWorkInterval to 1.1
set the mouseMoveSpeed to 8
set the nextKeyDelay to 0.15
set the keyDownDelay to 0.2
set the shouldRepositionMouse to False
set the imageSearchTime to 20 seconds

It is almost certainly the case that the return character is part of your variable. If that’s not it then it could be that the form in question is auto stepping after the value is entered.

The bottom line is that eggplant definitely won’t treat a literal and a variable any differently when it goes to type it into a form.

Bass-o and I had talked about this on another call. I didn’t realize it had been posted out here :oops: As it turns out, when copying the text into the clipboard, an end-of-line character was being picked up. The fix was the following:

delete all lf from variable


I was moments away from replying with that. Yes. Thanks. Works great now.