TypeText on iPhone

TypeText on Text field on iPhone.

TypeText “whatever”

After the command, the iphone mini keyboard automatically hidden.
But I need to click on the “Send” button on the iPhone mini keyboard.
Any way to make keyboard not hidden after TypeText command?

Have your script click in the field again. Clicking in the field should bring up the keyboard.

I click on the text field again. The mini keyboard doesn’t popup.
So I’m looking for a alternative solution for typing the text.
Is TypeText the only command, or any options can be added so that mini keyboard doesn’t hide.

I’m still a bit confused.

TypeText “whatever” shouldn’t cause the field to close on it’s own. I would only expect that to happen if you then typed return.

Are you sure you aren’t performing another action after you type the string?

I didn’t type return. Only TypeText “whatever”. I also confuse by this.

Ok, so now it makes sense. The keys coming from eggPlant are treated like those coming from a bluetooth keyboard. When input is sent from those the keyboard interface closes.

You can trigger the form action either by clicking the Submit button of the form or probably by ADDING a return at the end of your string.

TypeText "whatever" & return