TypeText not typing in Windows SUT

I am trying to type some information in the Windows SUT application, and it was working fine until yesterday. Today, I can see some lines of code is not working i.e. TypeText commands but Fields are active and focused, just typing tab key but not the text.

Click text: "abc"
TypeText "abc" & tabKey

ScrollWheelDown 2
Wait 2 seconds

Click text: "egh"
TypeText "efg" & tabKey

Click text: "ijk"
TypeText "ijk" & tabKey

Here, the code is working fine i.e. Typing fine until the scroll, then further TypeText is not working. But I can see it clearly printing the text passed for TypeText in the run log or no errors.

So, I thought may be the issue is with Scroll. So just selected the 2nd part after the scroll and executed and same behavior again.
Any idea why the TypeText is not actually typing in the field of SUT. Appreciate any input.

What are you doing with the scroll wheel? Going to a new field? My first guess is you are losing focus on the field you want to type in.

Just to make sure it is a focus issue, open a notepad, set the focus manually and then execute the script. If you see all the text then you can check for focus on controls

Sorry for the confusion. Edited the post.

Fields are active and focused, just typing tab key on each field but not the text. Also if I manually type, it’s working. Strange.

Hey Shan,

What is printed on the Console output in Eggplant functional?
Is the typetext working in a text editor or any other app?
Are you using RDP or VNC?

Did anything else change (target app got an update, windows updates etc)
Can you try a comma instead of the &

TypeText "efg", tabKey

You might need to increase NextkeyDelay, remoteworkinterval.
Also curious if this changes which keys are received.

TypeText "e","f","g", tabKey


Thanks, it worked now. Seems the application has some performance issue, and didn’t receive the keys. It’s working now.
I will consider the NextkeyDelay as well for slowness.

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Just curious, Is there anyway here in this forum to mark some reply as an accepted or working answer?