typeText not registering pressing enter on SUT

function navigateToURL

params tempURL

typeText controlKey & l // L not eye
typeText controlKey & a
typeText tempURL
typeText enter

end navigateToURL

Link to video of this happening: http://screencast.com/t/0Zsf6EFIlUM

All of the keyboard commands register on the SUT except the typeText enter line. I should end up at msn.com in this example, and not still be at google.com.

I’m connecting to a server where eggPlant is installed (Win8.1) via RDP, and eggPlant is then connecting to the SUT (also Win8.1) via RDP as well.

Any idea why this isn’t working? Thanks!

To follow up on this… pressing enter on the SUT in live mode does work via RDP, and it does work during a script run via VNC. So this issue appears to be limited to RDP.

Using VNC would be a solution, however at the moment, we’re unable to get a resolution better than 1280x1024 via VNC… so I’m curious about getting it to work via RDP.


Hi ag,

This is a mapping issue on RDP. Using TypeText Return instead of Typetext Enter should do the trick. Typetext Return is valid against VNC servers as well, so you shouldn’t need to add any special handling to deal with the two connection types differently.


Just did a quick find and replace. First impression is that it does seem to be working properly via RDP now.

Thanks for the tip!

So… now I’m running into a seemingly similar issue with the altKey. Behavior in RDP is different than in VNC. Pressing the altKey seems to send the windowsKey command instead of alt. Is there a list of these mapping issues somewhere that I’ve missed in the documentation?

No, there’s not currently any documentation of these issues. But your finding is correct; the altKey is mapped to the Windows key in RDP. I don’t believe that there is currently any way to reproduce the altKey via an RDP connection. This is really the only mapping issue. The issue with “Enter” is not a mapping issue; “Enter” is a character, not a key, and it is defined as unicode character 61136, so the font that your SUT is using may not even reproduce it.