Type text in text fields

Hi All,

Newbie on Eggplant.

I have a form with multiple text fields. Want to enter data. currently I am capturing the text fields and then using TypeText command to insert values in these fields.

I think there should be a better way of doing this (like directly inserting the value instead of capturing and then inserting).

Please help :?:


Generally speaking you are on the right track. An important thing to note however is that you don’t want to capture images of what’s IN the text field.

What you want to do is base your user action (like DoubleClick) on the label of the text field and then set the Hot Spot relative to the text field by Command-Clicking when capturing your image.

Then use TypeText to fill in the field, you can move to the next field with another DoubleClick or by tabbing with TypeText TAB

That’s really cool… and its working as well :lol:

Thanks a LOT Jonathan !!!