Type text - clipboard fucntions

I see that ctrl+v works when sending keys to the SUT to paste clipboard content using:
typeText controlkey, v

but doing a ctrl+a for a select all does not work, when doing hte follwing:

typetext controlkey, a

Is this expected? The scenario is being in a textbox on screen that may have text overflowing the length of the box but not visible

many thanks

Hi Paul,

Would you be able to share a screenshot of the dropdown? Also, how is it behaving when doing ctrl+a manually?

Hi Paul, in addition to Blandine’s suggestions, are you also putting the a in quotes? I always include the letter portion in quotes, but that may no longer be necessary.

Well, you cant send CTRL+A via the SUT Viewer, and the control was a textbox (not sure if that was a subconscious typo?).

CTRL +A does work when logged onto the target machine directly via RDP

Hi Dave

I will look at adding the quotes, thanks