Troubleshooting Red Text

I recently installed Vince Server on OSX and it worked great! Everything was configured correctly, and the only trouble I was having was related to my network’s firewall configurations.

After I made some adjustments to my router, I started the server and the external IP address was displayed in red - previously it had always been green. I found that I could not use the external IP to connect to the server even from within the network (which I could previously do).

I’m wondering: what’s the best way to troubleshoot this problem? I didn’t change any server settings and I don’t see anything different about the log output when compared against logs from successful sessions.

I can’t find much on troubleshooting this issue, possible solutions, or even what specifically the red color of the text means (other than “it doesn’t work”).

Any suggestions?

My external is red as well and I have been trouble shooting this problem and googling everything for 2 days now; I’m at a loss…

I’m running 10.5.8 with all the latest updates to the OS, I have the local firewall configured to allow all to vine server, I have the router configured to allow the correct ports.

I can connect to the machine on the local network but can not connect to the machine via an external network (hince the external being red).

I have other machines on the network with VNC on them (different ports) and can connect to them just fine.

So, I dont see what the problem is… here is what my log says, maybe someone out there can give me a clue as to what to try next, please

2010-12-07 10:31:35 -0600	Starting Vine Server 3.11(1031)
-rfbport 5900 -desktop cassie vnc -donotloadproxy -rfbauth /Users/tiffanibarton/.vinevncauth -alwaysshared -allowsleep -restartonuserswitch N -UnicodeKeyboard 0 -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -EventTap 0 -EventSource 1 -swapButtons -useOpenGL -rendezvous Y

2010-12-07 10:31:35.279 OSXvnc-server[1149:10b] Arguments: -rfbport 5900 -desktop cassie vnc -donotloadproxy -rfbauth /Users/tiffanibarton/.vinevncauth -alwaysshared -allowsleep -restartonuserswitch N -UnicodeKeyboard 0 -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -EventTap 0 -EventSource 1 -swapButtons -useOpenGL -rendezvous Y 
2010-12-07 10:31:35.280 OSXvnc-server[1149:10b] Using OpenGL display
2010-12-07 10:31:35.280 OSXvnc-server[1149:10b] Main Bundle: /Applications/Vine
2010-12-07 10:31:35.281 OSXvnc-server[1149:10b] Loading Bundle /Applications/Vine
2010-12-07 10:31:35.283 OSXvnc-server[1149:10b] Loading Bundle /Applications/Vine
2010-12-07 10:31:35.286 OSXvnc-server[1149:10b] Running in Little Endian
2010-12-07 10:31:35.288 OSXvnc-server[1149:10b] Waiting for clients
2010-12-07 10:31:35.289 OSXvnc-server[1149:2503] Using Combined Event Source, WARNING: Doesn't work if we FUS off-screen (10.5.1)
2010-12-07 10:31:35.289 OSXvnc-server[1149:2503] Using HID Event Tap
2010-12-07 10:31:35.290 OSXvnc-server[1149:2503] Registering Bonjour Service(_rfb._tcp.) - cassie vnc
2010-12-07 10:31:35.290 OSXvnc-server[1149:3a03] IPv6: Failed to Bind Socket: Port 5900 may be in use by another VNC
2010-12-07 10:31:35.291 OSXvnc-server[1149:2503] Started Listener Thread on port 5900
2010-12-07 10:31:36.697 OSXvnc-server[1149:10b] Waiting for clients


I don’t know how portinate this is, and I by no means read the whole thing, so I am posting this blindly.

but maybe the ability to vnc with local software or 3rd party software has been broken in 10.5.8

anybody know any different?
is there anybody running 10.5.8 and has Vine Server working?

I found that I had to reboot my router, not exactly sure why, but I rebooted the router and found that none of the changes I had made in it had been saved.

I reentered my port forwarding info and it started working…

So, add that to the steps you take, I lucked out and the whole office left for a meeting, gave me time to be able to do that.