Trouble in Scrolling down

There is a dropdown field and User has to select a value from it. User can’t type anything in this field. Only Scrolling down (OR) dragging the vertical bar up/down helps the User to see and select respective data.

If User keeps Mouse Pointer on any listed data or in the Brown Box, User can Scroll Down. When I tried to move the Mouse Pointer to the location (Location or Image), the Mouse Pointer did not move to respective location.

MoveTo (294,173) – by Location

MoveTo (“Select_Data”) – by Image

Complete Code:-

Click “Name_dropdown”
MoveTo (“Select_Data”)
Repeat until ImageFound (“Image1”) – “Image1” is an image of listed data
ScrollWheelDown 1
End Repeat
Click “Image1”

Please check the attachments which may help.
I want to bring the Mouse Pointer inside the Brown box and start scrolling.
“Select_Data” is the image which has the HotSpot inside this highlighted box. But I am unable to Scroll down. Am I missing something here ?


The mouse is moving to the correct location initially, but then it is being moved to a different location during the image search in the subsequent repeat loop.

When the repeat loop begins executing, it is starting another image search that is expected to fail on the first try. By default, when an image is not found on the first search, eggPlant Functional will move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen in case it is in the way of the image search. This behavior was originally necessary but is no longer strictly required, and it can be disabled. This should resolve your issue.

To disable this functionality, go to the eggPlant menu>Preferences>Run and de-select the checkbox next to “Should reposition mouse during image search”.

Let us know if this does not resolve the issue. Thanks!