Track Remote Cursor Locally

I don’t mean to be flooding this forum with bug reports, but I’ve run into what seems to be another small bug in Vine Server 3. I believe I reported a similar bug a good while ago but I don’t know if it’s the same problem.

Whenever I set my VNC client (usually on Windows) to “Track remote cursor locally”, which I believe is the default setting, my screen stops refreshing quite often. I’ve got to force a screen refresh to get things working again.

If I change the setting to “Let remote server deal with cursor” or “Don’t show remote cursor” I have no problems. However, when using my VNC client with either of these two modes, I only see a small dot/circle for my cursor rather than whatever cursor icon Mac OS is displaying at the time.

This obviously isn’t a major bug but it can be a hassle when trying to select text or while doing other activities that the mouse cursor icon aids. I just wanted to see if anyone else sees this problem and if it could be verified for a future bug fix.

Don’t apologize for posting bug reports – better to find them and get them fixed. :smiley:

I know that you are running against 10.5 – do you know if this is definitely a Vine 3.0 issue (because it works on Vine 2.2) and not a 10.5 issue? We didn’t change much as it related to cursor handling.

No, I don’t have any reason to believe it is a Vine 3 issue, specifically. I’m pretty sure I ran into this problem in Vine 2 as well, but I’ve not noticed it because for the past several months I’ve just “Let the server handle the cursor”.

With v3 I thought I’d give the “track cursor locally” setting a try again and noticed that it’s still a problem.

[quote=“ptackbar”]my screen stops refreshing quite often. I’ve got to force a screen refresh to get things working again.

If I change the setting to “Let remote server deal with cursor” or “Don’t show remote cursor” I have no problems.[/quote]

Me, too.

That is, I also experienced this refresh problem with Vine Server 2, and
still do in version 3. In fact, I just viewed it as normal operation and
got used to it. I set my menu bar clock to display seconds, and when
it stopped, I knew I had to refresh.

It never occurred to me that changing the remote cursor setting would
alleviate the problem.

This is using TightVNC viewer on Win XP, accessing Vine Server both
in Tiger and Leopard. One reason I use TightVNC is its cursor handling.
It’s never been an issue with TightVNC servers in Windows, Linux,
or Unix (Solaris).

A Beta Version of Vine Server 3.1 is available that we hope eliminates this problem. Please download it and try it out:

Vine Server 3.1Beta

Short answer: Local cursor control still requires frequent refreshing with 3.1 beta.

Long answer: First, a funny thing happened during installation. I copied the download as /Applications/Vine, ran that and restarted the System Server, then re-connected. Some things that I expected to be fixed, like the 4 byte rfbauth file problem, didn’t seem to be fixed. Then I noticed that the new
/Library/Application Support/VineServer/OSXvnc-server executable seemed to be an unusual size (~540K). I’m not sure where that came from, as it didn’t correspond to any of the package files I had from this beta or previous versions.

Then I renamed the “Vine” to “Vine” (after saving the and did the whole thing again. This time, the executable size agreed. Also:

rfbauth file size problem seems fixed
rendezvous/bonjour disable problem seems fixed

However, using the “track remote cursor locally” option in TightVNC client 1.3.9 (running in WinXP) still results in update freezes when moving the mouse with any reasonable speed, requiring a refresh.

I’m seeing the same problem with 3.1 beta. Using Tight VNC I still have to manually refresh the screen often. I usually see the problem when Moneydance, my financial software, changes the cursor to icon to indicate that it’s processing a request.

Sorry, we had an access issue regarding the Vine Server 3.1 beta download. This has been fixed so please download if needed.

Thanks much and sorry for the inconvenience!



This issue still exists as of 3.1.

This very well may be partly a TightVNC problem, but it also only seems to happen with Vine. Other Mac VNC servers or Windows servers do not cause this problem with TightVNC.

? This only occurs when controlling a desktop. If the Vine server has remote control disabled OR Tight VNC has ‘view only’ selected, the cursor tracks correctly and the client does not stall.


Just curious if any progress has been made on this issue. I’m running the 3.11 (1031) server on OSX 10.6.3, and TightVNC on Win7 x64. (Thanks for posting the temporary work-around, btw - I was ready to bail on Vine until I found this thread, which would stink because it’s the fastest VNC server I can find)