Trace All locks up Eggplant in simple use

I am still trying to track down my odd behavior from post

In the course of doing so, I created a suite I call traceLock with these two basic scripts:

=== driveTest.script ===
put new thang into myThang
send “sayWhat” to myThang

=== thang.script ===
to initialize
put “thang initialized”
end initialize

to sayWhat
put “What?”
end sayWhat

With Tracing off, or Trace Calls, the test works fine. With Trace All, Eggplant locks up and I have to resort to a force quit.

Is this the appropriate place to report bugs?


I suggest that you submitt bug reports to this can be done from Eggplant’s Help menu >> Report a Bug. If you encounter a situation where Eggplant lock’s up just be sure to also include a sample of Eggplant’s activity at the time that you encountered the failure. You can do this by:

1.) Opening Activity monitor (under Utilities)
2.) Select the Process named ‘Eggplant’. If you cannot locate ‘Eggplant’ make sure that you have selected ‘My Processes’ from the list box in the upper right corner of the window.
3.) Click on Inspect. You should be presented with a window that contains information in regards to Eggplant’s current activity.
4.) Click on sample
5.) Save the sample
6.) Attach the sample to your email