Total newbie - "The server has stopped running"

I would like to be able to control my G5 at work from my G4 laptop at home. I installed Vine Server on the G5, but when it starts, or I ‘Start Server’ it says “The server has stopped running. See Log (5)”

In the log it says;
2007-05-15 11:19:04 -0700 Starting Vine Server Version 2.1
-rfbport 0 -desktop Joey (joeys-g5.local) -dontdisconnect -restartonuserswitch N -keyboardLoading N -pressModsForKeys N -swapButtons -rendezvous Y -rfbauth /Users/Joey/Desktop/Vine

2007-05-15 11:19:04.012 Vine Server[440] *** NSTask: Task create for path /Users/Joey/Desktop/Vine failed: 85, “Bad executable (or shared library)”.

I don’t know what any of this means other than it’s not working.
I couldn’t find any of these errors in your forums.

Thanks for any help.

This usually means that you somehow copied the Vine bundle and that parts of it became corrupted. (zipped or copied over a Windows file system for example).

Try downloading a fresh copy and unpacking it on the machine you intend to use it on. That will typically resolve that problem.