Top/Bottom of screen with Vine Full screen mode

I am running Vine on a Macbook Air 10.5.2 at 1200x800 resolution. I am running a windows computer at 1200x768 resolution. I connect to it and enter full screen mode, and the windows computer does not fit on the screen. The reason for this is there is a blank area about 50 pixles at the top and bottom in full screen mode. I tried setting LSUIPresentationMode to 4 in the info.plist but that doesn’t help. How can I use the full screen real estate in full screen mode? Is this a bug? I couldn’t find a configuration setting for this.

Have you tried toggling between Show Actual Size and Scale To Fit? I suppose it’s possible with your configuration that when displaying at actual size Vine is getting confused and trying to display scroll bars or something. Of course, you should be seeing black at the top and bottom of your screen since the remote screen is smaller, but only by 16 pixels at top and bottom.

You could also try changing the setting of “Always scale remote screen proportionally” in the Viewer Window Preferences and see if that makes a difference. Let us know what you find out. We’re not currently aware of any bugs in this area.