TIG v1.02 crashing regularly on VMWare Win XP SP2 on iMac

Machine: iMac 24"
Environ: OSX 10.5.2, VMWare Fusion 1.1.2, Win XP SP2, RealVNC Server 4.1.2, WinTIG v1.02, Eggplant FT Version 4.1 (1120)
Problem: After a few requests for TIGs from the WinTIG, it crashes.

Anyone else having real big problems with WinTIG?

I just upgraded to Fusion 1.1.2 but haven’t had any problems.

I think the culprit might have more to do with the Windows configuration. What version of Windows, what SP and what .NET is installed?

Hope the below image helps… .Net 2.0 also