TIG and Windows

I’m using text images to look for titles etc, but I can’t get Eggplant to recognise the title font in Windows 2008. Any suggestions?

I would have assumed it’s the same as 2003, I’ve tried various fonts, but getting nowhere. It seems to be slightly more weighted in 2008 than 2003, using the same font, so I’m assuming it’s being rendered differently. Anyway around this?

As my main question, how does eggplant cope with transparancy and gradients in Vista and 7? I can turn Aero off, but there are still subtle gradients.

I’m not really familiar with Server 2008, but if it’s the server equivalent of Vista then it’s probably using Segoe UI as the default font. You won’t find Segoe UI in the TIG’s font list, but you can still use it by typing the name in the Font field. You can also create styles in EggPlant’s Text preferences that use the Segoe UI font.

EggPlant’s default tolerance can cope with a certain level of transparency, although I think the Aero stuff is a bit too transparent. When using the TIG, you can deal with some gradients by picking a background color that falls in the middle of the gradient range, but if it’s a gradient that goes from very light to very dark, then you should plan to use EggPlant’s standard image capture approach – no single color is going to work.